Udemy A German course on Node.js, which tries to get to the point quickly and still offer thorough explanations. Topics include Node basics, ES2015+, asynchronous programming, MySQL connections, REST API development, application architecture, and more. Check it out here. By using the link on this page, you get a 30% discount!


Codingsans interview teaser This was an interview with Karolina from Coding Sans, who also publish a lot of articles on people management. Done in early 2020, the interview is mainly about handling conflict on teams and giving critical feedback.

Simple Leadership Blog I had the pleasure to be a guest on Simple Leadership by Christian McCarrick. Find the podcast here. The interview was recorded in December 2016. Because of time zone differences, it was late at night for me, but it was still a great conversation, especially on the transition from engineer to manager and how to cope with it best.


Challenges of a New Engineering Manager video "Challenges of a New Engineering Manager": My talk at the code.talks 2017 conference. I talk about the engineer-to-manager transition and three very specific challenges that are typical for this phase.

Interviews Vidal Graupera of invited me to take this interview, in which we talk about the engineer-to-manager transition, hiring, and success habits.

Good interview questions really make you think about yourself, and Vidal clearly managed that: I did not only tell about myself, I also learned one or two new things about myself. Siddhant Goel runs, a series of interviews with engineering managers. Mine is available through this link.

We talk about the engineer-to-manager transition, advice to new managers, challenges, surprises, and more.